There is a good chance that by looking at this Webpage, you are expecting or have recently lost a loved one – a family member, or friend and are now trying to decide how to prepare a suitable farewell.

Greif is not a common emotion, indeed, unlike many day to day experiences, death is unique.  Everyone who passes away is ‘special’ in their own way and this should be reflected in any ceremony.

Whilst a Funeral Director would lead in this role and provides professional, sympathetic guidance in the technical arrangements, it is the funeral celebrant who will help you through the funeral service itself, providing a personalised ceremony, with or without religious content, which reflects the wishes of the deceased and of the family who mourn.

I will meet with you and any friends you might wish to have to support you; at your home, or at any other location you might prefer and together we can explore the life of the loved one you have lost.

With your help and guidance, together with any known wishes of your loved one, we can create a farewell fitting to the person. The advantage of talking it through not only helps the celebrant, but also helps you to recall those treasures of memories, which you may have forgotten.  The positive side of the grieving process often starts at this time.

A celebrant is not associated to any particular faith or religion. It is the celebrant’s concern to reflect the wishes of the lost loved one and the bereaved family and whilst services can be completely nonreligious, personal beliefs, or elements of religion or spirituality, can be reflected by the inclusion of a prayer or a hymn.

Once we have listen and captured the life events of your loved one, including any poetry, words and music which have special meanings, I will prepare a ceremony especially and exclusive to your loved one.

You will be able to read through the ceremony content beforehand, ensuring that everything is as you wish it to be, before it is delivered at the venue you have chosen.